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Vause (her pg slot ฝาก 50 รับ 100 real name is Marine) is a former poker and video game player and online casino streamer. She has been living in Hungary since 2014, where she broadcasts her sessions almost daily on the online casinos with which she has formed partnerships. Vause is one of the rare French-speaking women to have managed to make a name for herself in a culturally very masculine universe.

portrait vause
Vause’s background and beginnings in gambling
In a portrait article published on her website, we learn a little more about Vause’s career and her beginnings in the world of gambling. It all started when she came of age with the discovery of gambling and more particularly poker. For 5 years, Vause lived from online poker, beating the average limits without ever risking higher. Bored, she discovers Twitch and the world of video games in 2017.

After having made his debut on H1Z1, it is on Fortnite that her career will take a new turn. Thanks to this game, the young woman is successful and creates a community. She discovered online casinos during the year 2019 and started sharing her sessions during the summer. At the end of 2019, Vause decides to stop playing Fornite altogether and devote herself to online casinos. She formed a partnership with Bitcasino and made a name for herself after several memorable sessions. One of the pillars of the Cresus online casino also becomes one of its partners.

Vause on Internet
Lives on Twitch
According to the SullyGnome website, Vause Twitch channel was created on 10 April 2016. It has nearly 124,000 followers and more than 2.5 million views (as of 25 January 2021). According to these statistics, the channel’s live broadcasts attract an average of more than 300 viewers. Vause’s cheerful and frank personality has made the difference and has seduced many online casino fans over the months.

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Vause on YouTube
Active since 29 June 2017, Vause YouTube channel was created in parallel with its activity as a Fortnite strewer. It has more than 190,000 subscribers and its best-of Fortnite videos initially accumulate between 2,000 and 5,000 views each, before peaking at more than 20,000 views. But a few months later, Vause was consecrated and reached the 100,000 views mark thanks to several videos, including an FAQ where she finally reveals her face to her followers. After stopping Fortnite and a quick stint on Warzone, Vause takes a step back with her YouTube channel to devote herself to her online casino lives.

Madness Bonus, the Vause affiliate site
The young woman is becoming more professional and is launching her affiliate site in the summer of 2020 called Madness Bonus. On this affiliate site, Vause and her team list the different partnership offers with French-speaking online casinos and offer interested parties welcome offers and exclusive bonuses for registering with the online casinos. On Madness Bonus, you will also find casino reviews, a FAQ for novices, the community’s Big Wins and a Blog section.

Projects and the future?
Ambitious, Vause took advantage of her rise to fame to create a Twitch channel annexed to hers, named after her affiliate site. Since November 2020, Kronick has been broadcasting on the Twitch MadnessBonus channel its sessions on the site’s partner online casinos. According to an article published on Madness Bonus, “a tipster should join the channel with the aim of broadcasting almost continuously all day long”. A new challenge to match Vause’s aspirations.

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