So my view’s quite simple. I believe Bitcoin is the first example, I believe we are going to change the world.

Investing & Trading Media & Advertising Mining Platform


Token/Coin name: nCrypt Share

Platform and Token Type: Ethereum,ERC20

Total Supply: 200,000,000

Project Type: Token

Price per token: 1 NCS = 1 USD

Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, GBP

Goal: 135.000.000

Whitepaper: Open

Bounty: Open

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes

Country of operation: Malta

Country restriction: N/A

We aim to provide everything needed for crypto profit under one single brand, from trading with 0% fees to cheapest crypto mining services. Participating in our ICO means we will succed together, we not only provide shares, but once we start earning money we will split every single cent to our share holders. The next generation ecosystem based on blockchain technology that offers all cryptocurrency related operations from: securing different blockchains through the mining process, trading and storing cryptocurrency, up to make the cryptocurrency available on traditional payment methods. To ensure our ecosystem growth we have also implemented a rewarding refferal and bonuses program on our network marketing platform so our users can gain revenue even if they do not participate in our cryptocurrency related operations like mining and trading.

nCrypt Preparation andPlaning

Q4 - 2017

nCrypt Team puttogether

Q1 - 2018

Preparing for ICO andstart private and PRE ICOshares tokens

Q2 - 2018 (a)

Attracting media andadvisors

Q2 - 2018 (b)

Crowd sale 

Q3 - 2018 (a)

Hide 3 separate teamsfor start developing

Q3 - 2018 (b)
Loren Minel Andronie

Loren Minel Andronie

Founder of nCrypt & CEO
Ionut Gabriel Parfene

Ionut Gabriel Parfene

Co-Founder & CTO
Andrei Stefan

Andrei Stefan

Research and Development Officer
Cristian Barbu

Cristian Barbu

COO & Senior Developer
Cristian Adrian Ciuca

Cristian Adrian Ciuca

Blockchain Developer
Smeu Claudiu

Smeu Claudiu

Online Marketing & IT Infrastructure
Velicu George

Velicu George

Blochain App Developer