Global Healthtech Blockchain Financial Solutions

Healthcare & Drugs


Token/Coin name: AEN

Platform and Token Type: Ethereum, ERC20

Total Supply: 4,000,000,000

Project Type: Token

Price per token: 1 AEN = 0.1 USD

Accepted currency: BTC, ETH

Goal: 600000000

Whitepaper: Open

Bounty: Open

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes

Country of operation: Samoa

Country restriction: USA, China

The World's First Blockchain-Based Healthcare Financial Solutions and Application Development Platform; HealthTech, Smart Capital, and Prime Brokerage Solutions Under One Umbrella.

 Aeneas Capital grante Asset Management license by SFC (Hong Kong).


Fund products generate positive returns throughout subprime crisis.


Assets managed by Aeneas deployed into health care private equity and direct investments.

4Q 2010

Aeneas Group builds healthtech partnership with Aptorum Group, a multi-disciplinary medical innovations platform based in HK.

2Q 2016

Aeneas Capital initiates to expand its licenses with the SFC in HK to include dealing and advising in securities; Aeneas expands partnerships with healthtech companies specializing in neuro, infectious diseases, and robotic surgery devices.

3Q 2017

Aeneas Capital, LLC. established in New Jersey, U.S.A. to set up a FINRA regulated broker dealer (in progress); Aeneas Group establishing a full-service banking license in Europe (in progress).

1Q 2018

June Initiate Private Sale;  Aeneas Capital granted expanded licenses by the SFC in HK to deal and advise in securities; Community investors outreach.

2Q 2018

 Expand team: Developers; 1st pipeline healthtech; ICO launch; Launch first generation smart wallet & infrastucture (AEN Connect).

4Q 2018

 Second generation: AENX trading exchange.

4Q 2019

 Third generation: AENCO prime brokerage platform; Ongoing service & expansion of pipeline HealthTech partners.

2Q 2020
Ian Huen

Ian Huen

Darren Lui

Darren Lui