ACA Network

Blockchain Ad Network System

Business services Cryptocurrency Internet Media & Advertising Platform Smart Contract


Token/Coin name: ACA

Platform and Token Type: Ethereum, ERC 20

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Project Type: Token

Price per token: 1 ACA=0.000055 ETH

Accepted currency: ETH

Goal: 1,000,000,000 ACA

Whitepaper: Open

Bounty: Open

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes

Country of operation: Estonia

Country restriction: USA, China, Singapore

ACA Network is utilizing blockchain technology to build a next-generation online advertising platform. Our aim is to create a completely fair, transparent system of online advertising transactions. 

In accordance with technological advances, the online advertising market has continued to expand. In 2018, the worldwide online advertising market is predicted to exceed $281 billion US, and seems likely to continue to expand further.

 However, there is a problem with the online advertising industry. Online advertising agencies that mediate transactions between advertisers and advertising media are exploiting both sides by claiming borderline fraudulently high handling fees. This is the result of the extremely secretive environment in which online advertising transactions take place. Using blockchain technology, we intend to forge ahead into the future of the online advertising industry by disrupting it with a revolutionarily transparent method of making online advertising transactions.

Develop Proof-of-Concept White Paper.
1. Assess the requirements and challenges of building a team to develop and operate our service.
2. Solving the expected challenges in the selection and development of the dApp platform with a long-term sustainable ecosystem will be focused.

JAN 2018

Launch Official ACA Network Website and Private Sale
White Paper release and recruitment of initial investors through private sale.

APR 2018

First Version Development Starts
The development of ACA-AMS, the foundation of ACA Network, will launch with the advertisement production process and funds transfer.

JUN 2018

Launch Pre-Token Sale
Take places 3 weeks before the public Token Sale on ACA Website open to the limited group of people who registered.

JUL 2018

Launch Public Token Sale
Funds required for product development and service operation will be raised through the token sale. We will establish exchange rates for accepted coins. Users can then send the desired quantity of coins to receive corresponding quantity of our token deposited into their account.

AUG 2018

Register as the Issuer of the "Third-Party Advance Payment" Method
To enable the exchange of JPYT, we will apply to be the issuer of the "third party advance payment" method in accordance with Japan's Law on Payment of Funds.

SEP 2018

Establish a Japanese Corporation to Construct an Operational Management System
Our Japanese Corporation will be established to build out the ACA network in Japan including advertisers, advertising media and advertising production partners.

OCT 2018

Release of the Currency Token(Provisional Name) Exchange Site

We will create an exchange site forCurrency Token, which is to be used as the standard currency within the ACANetwork, and begin token exchange with a 1:1 exchange rate with legal tender.Tokens sold through the exchange will be used within the ACA Network like cash,and their existence as tokens on the blockchain will make for transparency in fundtransfer. All exchanges of Currency Token are to be performed within the ACANetwork, and trades between third parties are prohibited.

FEB 2019

Open Beta Test for ACA-AMS and ACA-NET
The ACA Network, ACA-AMS and ACA-NET capable of connecting to advertising media will be launched. After it connection functionality is confirmed, analysis and corresponding improvements with be made.

APR 2019

Release ACE-EX Beta
The trading model and efficiency of ACA Network's commercial exchange, ACA-EX, will be verified. The performance of already released ad campaigns will be analyzed to continue developing a sustainable ecosystem.

JUN 2019

Official Service of ACA Network
The official service implementing all specifications of ACA-AMS, ACA-EX and ACA-NET will launch including required improvements identified during beta testing.

OCT 2019
Ko Youngwook

Ko Youngwook

CEO & Founder
Ko Young-woo

Ko Young-woo

Developer Executive
Yuichi Honda

Yuichi Honda

Marketing Executive
Choi Zinkyu

Choi Zinkyu

Yoon Juho

Yoon Juho

Karin Kobayashi

Karin Kobayashi

Her Jiyoung

Her Jiyoung

Account Executive
Won H. Cho

Won H. Cho

Managing Partner, D’LIGHT Law
Jonathan Venuto

Jonathan Venuto

COO, Interim CEO & Representative Director,