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Whenever you see this badge, you can be assured that Casino.org has your back. We promise that each casino review is supported by data-driven research and the specialist expertise of our reviewers, and that our editorial teams deliver timely, impartial news.

Aside from our evaluations, the enthusiasm and competence of our team permeate every aspect of Casino.org. You may trust that you are in safe hands throughout the entire website.

How do we maintain our free services?

We think that all gamers should have access to trustworthy, competent guidance when selecting an online casino. As a result, Casino.org will never charge users for access.

We are able to offer our services for free because some of the casinos we list pay us a commission when they gain visitors from our website.

This enables us to recruit top industry experts, who continually expand to our collection of over 400 casino reviews and supports the massive infrastructure necessary for our website. In addition, each month we devote tens of thousands of hours to delivering extensive guides, news pieces, tools, and unique games.

Casinos have no say in the creation of our material, and our suggestions are based solely on research, so you may enjoy your experience to the best. Regardless of whether they pay us a fee or not, every casino on our website has been thoroughly evaluated according to our tough 25-step procedure.

We are completely rigid when it comes to quality, going so far as to include casinos that fail to meet our requirements and act against the interests of players on a blacklist.

What We Perform

We are the foremost authority on online casinos and gaming, with players as our exclusive focus.

Since 1995, Casino.org has been a reliable resource for gamers seeking to bet safely and increase their winnings. Our 25-step evaluation procedure has been refined over more than two decades. The news, blog, and advice we provide are unparalleled, with all content being data-driven, impartial, and up-to-date.

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The Background of Casino.org

1995 – Beginnings

The developer of our website was Toronto native Warren Eugene. As a visionary in casino games and software, Warren created the site as an HTML-based online casino service. As imitation internet casinos began to proliferate, he sought something innovative to transform Casino.org into a brand that provided gamers with much more sustenance.

2001 – The Development

After meeting with industry colleagues and digital entrepreneurs, it became evident that the Internet lacked helpful, trustworthy information for participants. The objective was to lead Casino.org in the direction of being the definitive source of gambling information and tools for players.

2005 – The Spike

As the new century passed, the online gambling growth necessitated the hiring of more passionate professionals. We filled new positions for a team of professionals that like gambling. They were all enthusiastic about the prospect of testing every casino the Internet has to offer. From day one, our new team members shown independence and integrity. They established stringent, data-driven rules for conducting assessments and providing information to participants like themselves.

2008 – Number One

Users began flocking to our website, and we quickly became the most trusted online resource for casino reviews and advice. At this point, our guests had collectively earned a total of $15 million. It should come as no surprise that we have become the leading source for casino reviews and gaming information!

2010 – The Mobile Phone

With the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets, tens of thousands of mobile casinos began to emerge. We prioritized this in our assessment criteria and expanded our coverage to encompass all mobile devices on the website.

2014 – The Enhancement

As a result of our team’s expansion, we relocated to significantly larger premises to accommodate our gaming expertise. Due to technological advancements, we might potentially have a large number of remote specialists and collaborators from across the world. We were in the process of assembling a dream team of seasoned gaming industry specialists.

The 2015 News

We started our flagship news service, establishing a team of devoted reporters to provide you with the most recent information. This keen group was immediately aware of all the latest developments in casinos, betting, and gaming. They rapidly realized that they needed to hire guest authors and more editing personnel to keep up with demand. The team controls itself autonomously, without any internal or external interference, and adheres to the highest journalistic standards.

2019 – Currently

Over $44 million has been earned by players of Casino.org, and this amount grows daily!

Responsible Gambling

More than 1.6 billion individuals throughout the world participate in gambling, and for most of us, it’s only a kind of amusement. However, for some individuals, gambling can go beyond being a harmless pastime and cause significant issues, which may be indicative of a gambling addiction.

Are you placing wagers that exceed your financial capacity? Are you pursuing a loss? Is gaming giving you anxiety and stress? The organizations enumerated below provide assistance and guidance. You may also find further information on our Responsible Gambling page.

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